Johnson County Community College

Courses Taught

HUM 122 – Introduction to Humanities (forthcoming)

HUM 155 – Classical Mythology (forthcoming)

ARTH 180 – Western Art History Survey I: Ancient to Medieval

ARTH 182 – Western Art History Survey II: Renaissance to Modern

ARTH 184 – Art of the Twentieth Century

Virginia Tech University

Courses Taught

ART 3784 – European & American Art Since 1900 (undergraduate online asynchronous)

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Courses Taught

ART HIST 202 – Michelangelo to Modernism: Western Art History Survey II (undergraduate lecture)

ART HIST 495/5590 – Italian Art from 1860-1960 (undergraduate/graduate seminar)

ART HIST 495/5590 – Return to the Wall: Muralism in the Early 20th Century (undergraduate/graduate seminar)

Florida State University

Courses Taught

ARH 2000 – Art, Architecture, and Artistic Vision (Undergraduate Study Abroad in Florence, Italy)

ARH 2051 – Survey of Western Art II: Renaissance to Modern

Courses Mentored / TA

IDS 2678 – Apocalypse: The End of the World in the Arts

ARH 495 – Later Italian Renaissance Art: 16th Century

ARH 495 – Modern European Art: Neoclassicism to Impressionism

ARH 495 – Modern European Art: Post-Impressionism to Surrealism

Study Abroad – Italy

Check out this article about my experience teaching abroad for FSU: https://arthistory.fsu.edu/ashley-lindeman-florence/